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In today's competitive marketplace, it is critical that you hire and retain the right staff, and effectively position your firm for long-term growth. Grayling Associates offers a range of consulting services to effectively meet your goals.

Recruiting Producers: Our consulting services are based on the same process that has earned Grayling industry recognition as a “major recruiting force”. Let us help you build a step-by-step approach for winning over the best available talent to your organization. We will cover all the bases including indifying value added services, presenting your agency, multi-step interviews, testing for “fit”, questioning for ability and motivation, and then closing the desired candidates. A must program for agency builders.

Producer Retention: Eighty percent of new entrants fail to survive their fourth year; forty percent fail to survive their first year. New agent recruiting without a well-planned retention strategy is time consuming and costly. Our retention programs start with the agency owner and sales managers. We focus on the competencies related to recruiting, training, integrating, sales management and counseling. Then, through a consultative process we partner with you to identify and perfect the right marketing and sales approach for the producer.

Management Recruiting: The linchpin to successful recruiting of 1st and 2nd line sales managers and all levels of home office management is the ability to determine “fit” between the candidate, the job, and the organization. Through a consultative process we work with you to define position responsibilities, organization culture, management style, and personality and work traits of model candidates. We then help to identify how best to present your company, to whom, and by whom.

Strategic Planning: Is it time to step back and evaluate or design your strategic marketing plan? Our planning process can be tailored to fit the size, complexity, and budget of any financial services segment – from agency and field offices to home office marketing and sales divisions. We are prepared to facilitate or guide planning sessions; or review, advise, and counsel on planning initiative proposals. In addition we can help you to convert your vision to reality through the development of actionable planning steps.

Strategic Alliances: Before you build, before you buy, before you merge, you might benefit through the exploration of a strategic alliance. We can help you explore, evaluate, negotiate, and implement product, sales channel, and third party administrative alliances.

Competitive Analysis: Who are our competitors? Are we operating with an edge or with a handicap? How do they pay their managers and producers? What terms can be negotiated with product suppliers? What is their product mix? How are they leveraging technology? How to they manage channel conflict? Are our distribution costs realistic? We understand the questions and have the experience and contacts to get you accurate and timely answers.

Sales Compensation: There are still only one hundred cents in each dollar, so the challenge lies in properly rewarding each member of your sales hierarchy. We can help you to design and introduce compensation programs that are easy to understand, that reward each individual for their role in the sales process, and perhaps most important, that motivate desired performance.

Outplacement Programs: Our outplacement programs are designed to help the former employee secure a new job as quickly as possible. Phone based or face to face, we have a full menu of services that can be tailored to meet your needs and the needs of the outplaced individuals. Keys to successful outplacement include assessing the skills and interests of each individual, support and training on items such as resume writing and interviewing techniques. We can also take an active role in setting up interviews and assisting in the marketing of the individual to prospective employers.
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Agency Acquisition: Whether you wish to buy, or to sell, an agency or individual book of business, we can help you to assess the value and to identify interested parties. We can also assist throughout the negotiation process.

Succession Planning: Many of our industry leaders - established producers, agency owners, and senior home office executives are nearing retirement. Now is the time to identify, evaluate, and prepare the “next” generation. We can help you develop succession plans, including recommendations for the smooth and equitable transfer of an agent’s book or an agency’s value.

Agency Assessment: Many organizational outcomes including poor retention, low production and recruiting problems are often related to employee attitudes toward the organization, management team and mother carrier. Your ability to identify, evaluate and address factors such as employee perceptions, morale and other roadblocks to success can be essential to your organization’s ability to grow. Organizational assessments allow your management team to take the pulse of your operation and subsequently establish action plans and benchmarks for progress and change.