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Our primary expertise is working with major insurance and brokerage carriers, banks, independent producer groups and independent firms helping them to attract the best talent in the industry today.

We use proven methods to identify and approach leading candidates. We research and target specific companies and candidates through a combination of networking and direct approaches. We also maintain our own extensive network and talent database.

The typical Grayling candidates are successfully employed, however, they are willing to entertain new opportunities with the potential for personal advancement, career growth, and professional challenge. We carefully screen each individual to assess suitability of skills, experience, management style, and other personal and work characteristics relating to “fit” within your organization. We develop strong relationships with candidates. This enables us to serve as a valuable interface and catalyst in maintaining clear and timely communications amongst all parties.

Once the candidate has been identified and sold on the opportunity, the candidate is presented to the client. Throughout the process, the Grayling recruiter will debrief our client and the candidate, constantly evaluating ongoing interest, areas of mutual agreement, and concerns. We will assist each party during the negotiation phase including compensation recommendations and final offer.


Home Office Recruiting

Because of our combined 100 plus years experience working in the financial services industry, Grayling has tremendous relationships within each major carrier. We can help you to identify and attract the top talent for any of your home office related positions.

Sales and Marketing Vice President
Regional Director/Vice President
Bank Channel Management

Broker Dealer Channel Management


Career Agency Recruiting

We are a full service recruiting firm specialized in supporting the entire infrastructure of your agency.

Grayling will help you to attract the right leadership, the best sales people, and to build the infrastructure that will assure the top-notch service your clients expect.

Grayling will provide a comprehensive program to support to all of your agency building needs.


Independent Agency Recruiting

As more advisors move to an independent platform, the need for a recruiting partner that understands the independent platform grows. Grayling has been supporting the growth of independent firms for over 20 years. From helping to grow your advisor team to staffing your advanced sales and administration team, we have the experience to find the right candidates that fit into your specific culture.